Ticketmaster Australia is the official ticket seller for all productions that perform at Sydney's Capitol Theatre and Sydney Lyric Theatre

The practice of buying and reselling tickets for profit has always existed however, in the digital era, the activity has increased substantially due to things like professional scalping and unauthorised ticket reseller websites.

Any ticketing outlet other than Ticketmaster are NOT official ticket agents for Sydney's Capitol Theatre and Sydney Lyric Theatre; they provide a platform on which ticket holders or scalpers can re-sell their tickets to other people.

These scalping websites are very sophisticated and give you the impression that you are purchasing tickets from the authorised seller. Sites like Viagogo have purchased advertising space on Google so that their website is the first to come up in a search for shows. They often charge a higher price for tickets as well as a large booking fee, making these tickets far more expensive than their face value. 

In many cases, there are plenty of tickets available to purchase through the official channels at the correct price. In some instances, the tickets have been sold multiple times or purchased on a stolen credit card and cancelled by Ticketmaster’s Fraud Department. In those cases, the tickets cannot be honoured at our theatre.

Apart from being widely criticised in the media, promoters and artists, Viagogo has been under investigation by Choice, NSW Department of Fair Trading and the ACCC. We also warn against Viagogo on our website and via our venue descriptions when you Google our theatres.

Please note, that the Producers, Theatre and Ticketmaster are unable to issue replacement tickets to customers who have been the victims of misleading or fraudulent re-sale practise. The Producers, Theatre and Ticketmaster have no obligation to honour tickets purchased via unauthorised re-sellers if they are sold in breach of New South Wales Ticket Scalping Legislation.

What do I do if my tickets are fraudulent?
If you have purchased fraudulent tickets and have been refused entry to an event, please contact the place where you purchased the tickets to ask for a refund. Note, it is important you contact the point of purchase immediately after being refused entry to an event. This will ensure the seller of the fruadulent ticket is not paid. If you are unable to get assistance from the place you purchased the tickets, please contact your bank. 


Unfortunately, with the rapid growth of the resale industry in Australia, issues such as these have become more common. We need your help to combat these practices.

Here are some practical steps you can take raise awareness about ticket resale:

• Visit a consumer review site (such as and leave honest feedback about your experience with the resale company.
• Notify consumer watchdog groups, especially the ACCC
Most importantly, tell your friends and family, and use social media to make others aware of your experience.

We encourage all ticket purchases to be completed through authorised sellers only. To check who the official ticket agent is for any event, always visit the venue or event website, or call the venue to double check.