At Foundation Theatres our mission is to provide exceptional experiences for theatre makers and theatre goers and to build a thriving, robust Australian theatre industry for generations to come.

COVID-19 has seen our wonderful industry faced with challenges of unprecedented scope and impact. Like many live performance venues, we have worked alongside our producing partners to find a way forward. Collectively we have had to make the agonising decision to cancel or postpone a number of shows in our theatres in order to protect the wider Australian community.

Through all this our mission remains unchanged. We are working tirelessly to take care of patrons who have invested in tickets for shows that have been cancelled and plan our next steps to return our theatres to the talented theatre makers and valued theatre goers who make them come to life. When the theatre industry returns to its thriving best, only then will we have time to rest.

For more information about shows that have been cancelled please visit: &


Foundation Theatres is a wholly Australian family owned and operated organisation. We own and operate two of Sydney’s premiere commercial theatres; the Capitol Theatre and Sydney Lyric.

Owners Stephen and Angela Found, and our team who work in their theatre family, share a passion for the live performing arts industry; its product, and the people it attracts from diverse backgrounds. We believe deeply in the social and cultural benefits derived from the performing arts, and that all people should have the ability to participate in, and be inspired by, live theatre.

Our vision is to facilitate a thriving and profitable commercial and subsidised performing arts sector. Focusing on delivering opportunities for growth, employment, innovation, education, and the pursuit of excellence, we aim to ensure that NSW remains an arts and cultural leader on the international stage.