Conditions of Entry

1 July 2022

Foundation Theatres is an Australian theatre owner and operator. Our Venues are two of Sydney’s premier theatres: the Capitol Theatre and Sydney Lyric (Venues). The following Conditions are applicable to all visitors, patrons, volunteers, and employees who enter our theatres. Patrons should familiarise themselves with appropriate theatre etiquette and refrain from any actions or behaviours that could affect the enjoyment of our production by neighbouring patrons at the theatre. Breach of these conditions may result in disciplinary action including denial of entry, eviction from Venue, being banned from Venue for future events and where applicable, referral to the police for prosecution.

General Venue Conditions

  • It is a requirement of entry that patrons always follow the advice and directions of theatre staff at all times whilst at the Venue.
  • For safety and security purposes, video surveillance is always in operation throughout the Venue.
  • Many of the productions presented within our Venues include smoke, strobe lighting, strong language, loud noises and varying lighting levels. Patrons enter understanding that they may be subject to such things during the performance.
  • Filming or photography are prohibited during the performance and at other times as directed.
  • Use of a mobile phone, iPad, laptop or other electronic devices is prohibited during the performance.
  • Light emitting clothing, jewellery, accessories, or footwear must be switched off or removed in the Venue.  We suggest such items are not worn to the theatre.
  • Hats must be removed during performances.  If hairstyles or head dresses obstruct the view of surrounding patrons, you may be requested to relocate to a suitable seat to accommodate your hairstyle or head dress.
  • Patrons must not enter restricted areas without approval to do so.
  • Patrons must not solicit, display or attempt to sell or distribute any goods or other material whilst inside the Venue.
  • Animals, other than guide, hearing and service animals as defined under the Companion Animals Act 1998 (NSW) are not permitted at the Venue. Service animals must display a companion vest/lead for ease of identification. 
  • Smoking and e-cigarettes are only permitted in the dedicated smoking areas outside the theatre. Patrons that do not comply can be evicted from the Venue.
  • By entering the Venue, you consent to allowing the use of your image for promotional purposes where your image is taken as part of a public image of a group of patrons.
  • Patrons voluntarily assume all risk of all personal damage and personal loss arising (including by negligence) at the Venue including damage or loss caused by the acts or omissions of other patrons or any other person or thing present at the Venue. 
  • Foundation Theatres Venues are cashless and only credit or debit cards will be accepted onsite.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Bags & Personal Belongings

  • All patrons are responsible for their personal possessions and must not leave bags or possessions unattended at any time.
  • If you deposit your objects or articles at our cloak room, the Venue will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the items. Any items that are left behind will be held for 30 days. If they remain uncollected after 30 days, they will be disposed of.
  • For the safety of all patrons, only small bags are permitted in the auditorium. Larger bags, strollers, prams, or other larger items should be left offsite, or if not possible, may be cloaked in the cloakroom.
  • If you have a medical condition that requires you to carry medication (i.e. Epi-Pens, insulin pens, syringes etc.) or if you have a medical insert such as a pacemaker, please let Venue staff know upon arrival.
  • Bag checks will be performed for all patrons entering the Venues. Refusal of bag check may result in denial of entry. In addition, the Venue may conduct reasonable searches of patrons for any items which are not prohibited by law or prohibited by these Conditions of Entry.
  • Unless authorized by the Venues, the following objects or articles are prohibited from the Venue at all times;
  • Professional cameras and recording devices, including affiliated items such as tripods, drones or similar.
  • Illegal or illicit substances.
  • Knives, guns and all other weapons.
  • Lasers and laser pointers.
  • Items that could impede or block aisles entrances and exits for other patrons or exit pathways.

Admission to the Venue

To enter the auditorium, you must hold a valid ticket to an Event. We may refuse admission or remove a ticket holder from the Venue, including but not limited to circumstances where:

  • You cannot produce a valid ticket for the event;
  • You cannot produce proof of your concession entitlement where a concession ticket has been purchased;
  • You have in your possession and/or refuse to surrender to the Venue staff any prohibited object or article;
  • You produce a Ticket that is identified by the Presenter or Venue Manager as having been sold by a Reseller in breach of the Terms and Conditions applicable to the Ticket or the ticket is an invalid or fake ticket;
  • Where you refuse to comply with reasonable directions of the Venue staff that are reasonably required to provide a safe event for workers and other patrons or to comply with relevant laws and government directions or orders;
  • You refuse to be subject to a visual search of your possessions;
  • You behave in a manner which causes or may cause property damage or that threatens or may threaten the safety of venue staff, other patrons or any other persons, including as a result of intoxication or drugs;
  • You behave in a manner that unreasonably interferes with or has the potential to interfere with other patrons’ enjoyment of the event, including through the use of cameras, mobile phones, personal computers, paging devices or other electronic devices;
  • You fail to follow the reasonable directions of Venue staff;
  • You refuse to remain in the seat designated on your Ticket;
  • Any patron who is late for the performance will be asked to wait in the foyers and will only be permitted to the auditorium at a time deemed suitable by the Venue staff. Seating may be relocated as a result of late entry. You may be refused entry if you are not seated at the commencement time stipulated on your ticket.
  • You may not be permitted entry into the venue if you have been asked to leave the theatre or been evicted from the venue for any reason on a previous visit, you caused damage to or loss to a Foundation Theatres venue at any time or you have been convicted of a criminal offence relating in any way to Foundation Theatres and its associated operations.

If you are refused entry to or asked to leave the Venue, as a result of a breach of our conditions of entry, tickets will not be refunded or exchanged except as required by Law.


  • Ticketmaster is the official ticketing partner for Foundation Theatres Venues. All tickets are subject to Ticketmaster’s Purchase Policy.
  • Anyone entering or attempting to enter the Venue must have a valid ticket or accreditation to be permitted into the auditorium.
  • The Venues have no obligation to honour tickets that are purchased via ticket sellers other than Ticketmaster.
  • Patrons who have been issued with a complimentary companion card ticket must collect the ticket from the Venue’s Ticket Box Office on the day of the event. The holder of the Government issued Companion Card must be in attendance.  The holder must present their Companion Card at the Box Office to receive the complimentary ticket. 
  • Patrons must only occupy the seat that is specified on their ticket.
  • Unless required by law (including the Australian Consumer Law), we will not be liable for secondary expenses incurred by you in connection with your attendance or non-attendance at an Event, including if the Event is cancelled, rescheduled or relocated.  These expenses include, but are not limited to, the cost of travel, accommodation, meals, car-parking, child-care. 

Food & Beverage

Our Venues are licensed Venues, and we take our obligation for the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) seriously. As a licensed Venue;

  • We recognise that it is against the law to serve alcohol to any person under the age of 18 years.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who cannot provide proof of age identification.
  • We reserve the right to remove individuals from the Venue if they are intoxicated, disruptive, violent or under the influence of illicit drugs as observed by our Venue staff.
  • It is an offence for any patrons to supply alcohol to a minor.
  • A maximum of four alcoholic drinks will be served per person per transaction.
  • All alcoholic beverages must be purchased and consumed on site. No alcoholic beverages can be brought into the Venue or taken offsite.

Prohibited food & beverage items include:

  • All hot food items. This includes but is not limited to pies, chips, hot dogs, take-away food.
  •  Cold foods that have an odour or smell or are likely to cause a large mess, including sushi, or salads.
  • Hot drinks. Duty of care demands that all patrons be protected from scalds and burns.
  • Other drinks such as milkshakes or juices if they do not have a firm lid. If they have a lid they can be taken inside.
  • Our Venues do not allow glass within the auditorium. Therefore, your drink will be transferred to plastic before it can be taken to the auditorium.

Special Conditions of Entry During Public Health Emergencies

By entering the Venue during the time in which the Coronavirus remains in the general public, patrons acknowledge that there is an increased risk of contracting COVID-19, and that Foundation Theatres cannot guarantee that the Venue will be free from COVID-19. The patron assumes all risk associated with the risk of contracting COVID-19 whilst at the Venue. When entering the Venue, the patron agrees to comply by the Venues Covid Safety Plan and Covid Safety Procedures including that mask wearing in the Venue is highly recommended.

Conditions are subject to change without notice based on requirements of specific events, and at the sole discretion of Foundation Theatres.